6 SEO Mistakes You’re Making in 2018

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SEO mistakes waste your time and hurt your bottom line. It is possible to fall victim to Google penalties for failing to meet some of the algorithm standards or going against the rules of SEO. When this happens, it takes a lot of time to get back on Google’s good books and can at timesRead More


5 Steps to Master Your Online Presence

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If you run an online business, you understand how important your online presence is to your brand. According to a small business survey, more than 90% of shoppers consider visiting an offline store because of the experience they had on the store’s website. Having a website can elevate your business brand and also increase theRead More


7 Amazingly Simple Tips of Re-purposing Old Content

As a content creator, one thing you definitely know is the fact that not all the content you create will receive the traffic or engagements you anticipated. Even so, there are a few posts that get more buzz than you anticipated and this makes them the best posts for repurposing. Repurposing of content involves changingRead More


How to Prevent Injuries During a DIY Move

Injuries such as lower back pain when moving are quite common. This is usually down to the inevitability of lifting stuff off the ground. Unless you hire professional Toronto movers to handle the move for you, you have to deal with the injury risks associated with a DIY move. Here are some of the precautionaryRead More